Sheena Marie



I really love to style my own shoots. It's something I've loved doing since a child. Instead of playing with my Barbies, I would dress them and then style and pose them until I felt everything looked fab. 

I'm always putting together mini session specials. So, this year I held adorably styled mommy and baby mini sessions. I wanted to give mommies a chance to get awesome magazine worthy photos at a great price. The turn out was amazing, and it was oh so cute! 

One of my favorites mommy baby duos were my loyal clients -- The Fisher gals. At first, I was going to hold the mini sessions at a park, but Victoria convinced me that should to do them at a beach. She's pretty damn persuasive... and I gotta admit I love her for it. I honestly wanted to do them at Kawela Bay when I thought of the whole idea, but felt some wouldn't go for it because it's crazy far. To my surprise a lot of the mommy's were down. I love me some down-A mama chicks. And Victoria is one of those down-A chicks that I love. We met because our hubby's worked together and we were actually pregnant with our babies around the same time. Our daughter's are two months apart, both have curly hair, both are crazy cool and silly (like their mamas), both are soooo adorable, yet total opposites on the skin-tone / hair color spectrum (lol). We joke around and call them ebony and ivory. Brown sugar and powdered sugar, if you will. 

Here are some of my favorite photos my session these blonde-haired Barbie babes.