Sheena Marie



Okay. So if there is one thing that I love to do, it's to plan parties for my kiddos. I just pretty much love to plan parties in general. I swear. Every since I was little I was that kid styling and setting the table for holidays and celebrations. I'd make DIY decor because after all I was a kid. All I had to work with was construction paper, markers, glue, and glitter... lots of glitter. But now, that I'm an adult, I have some money to splurge on decor. Still love a good DIY, though!

When it came time to think of a theme for my bonus-daughter's 11th bday, I just knew it had to be something tropical (because she luuuurves pineapples). I starting brainstorming a little more and thought, "COACHELLA vibes!". Her name kinda just flows with it -- KAY(lie)CHELLA. Side note: The name of your party is KEY to the perfect celebration -- back in high school I threw a Sheenapalooza party for my bday and graduation and the name has been remembered for yearsssss. Since her birthday was around the same season as Coachella and her middle name is Lyric (music babies forever), it just fit the bill.

Now being the person I am. I love to mix things up -- I am a mixed plate of ethnicities so it just makes sense. I love mixing different styles together to create one. I won't ever go full on with one specific style. Variety is the key to life, right? So, that's how the Tropical Coachella Inspired party was born... It turned out great with details like a lounge area with peacock chair and vibrant pinks n greens. We even had flash tattoo station -- I mean what is COACHELLA without flash tattoos??? We also had flower crowns for each girl, and sunglasses for the boys... Pineapples, monstera, palms, cactus, flamingos, a DIY DONUT cake with store bought donuts n faux flowers (doughnut for the technical), and a SLIME BAR. The kids went crazy for the slime bar, and I've never seen one done yet at a party (not even on PINTEREST). I'd like to think I was the first one to do it, but then again there's BILLIONS of people with kids who are obsessed with slime. I mean, can you believe at one point glue was sold out at almost every store here??

All photos were done by me, except the ones that I'm in of course. Thank the hubby for those. Hope you all enjoy and maybe find some inspiration for your next party! :)

Party details: 

Peacock chair from Ambient Rentals
Pineapple cups Oriental Trading Co.
Pineapple containers Oriental Trading Co.
Flamingo Floatie cupholders Oriental Trading Co.