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They really do! Who else can you share secrets with, or eat cupcakes and chocolates while watching repeats of your favorite chick flicks with?? I love that these girls have one another. Paisley ADORES her big sister, and Kaylie is such a sweetheart of a big sis to Paisley. I don't know what else to say, but that I LOVE how these photos turned out. These girls are totally lucky and blessed they have a photographer / stylist for a momma. Graduation slideshows are gonna be LIT! Lol.

Side note: I'm loving our little dining room nook area. Shout out to my husband for building it for us. It's my favorite area on our home. It's become my go to spot for photos. The natural light is just perfect... It's like my natural light studio dream come true... Sorta. It's great for 1 - 2 people. In fact, the day before I took these photos, I had my loyal clients come over and we did that cute Valentine's session I was talking about on my IG. You know, the  "Love you to PIZZAS" shoot I was dreaming of... You can check that one out here.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!