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This one right here... I mean what else is there to say about this one. "Twas a dream session come true! At randoms hours of the night I'll get these ideas... Then I'll start putting together color schemes, styles, textures, prop ideas, wardrobe ideas, etc. I've always dreamed about doing this styled shoot with like a vintage VW bus... So, while pondering about my annual holiday mini session special at the magical hour of 1:00 AM, I doodled this idea in my notepad. Yes, I doodle my ideas out. I need visuals, okay? I wanted to go off the beaten path of traditional holiday photos... I knew wanted a VW van preferably in turquoise, cactus', flamingos, christmas trees in tiny wicker baskets, boho rugs, throw pillows, and just a mix of textures and fun colors. And it was like the universe just answered me in the most rad way -- "rad" is the word of this year can't you tell? It said, "Sheena... you're going to do this super snazzy retro / boho / modern / eclectic styled holiday shoot, and you're going to do it with that VW bus in that exact color you imaged it being." Then in my Instagram DM, I get this message from Rachel... Oh, sweet awesome Rachel (who happens to know my pal Tori that is featured in a previous blog). She tells me she's got this VW Bus that would be great for photos, and if I'd like to work out a trade for photos. Without hesitation I was like UM YES. It was just tooooo perfect. In my mind I was like, "THANK YOU BABY JESUS!" 

Anyway, long story short. Here are the photos from those holiday mini sessions I held featuring the beautiful and RAD Kuchar family who owns that awesome turquoise VW bus (that I just want to live in), some of my own decor, and those awesome yummy wicker pieces + jute rugs + throw pillows from my girls at Ambient Rentals -- whoop whoop! 

Prop / Decor sources:

- VW Van from the Kuchar Fam

- Jute rugs, wicker furniture, velvet throw pillows from

- Garden flamingos, flamingo and palm garland, cactus, snow globes, marigold chevron throw   blanket, small faux fur throw pillow, leather moroccan pouf from me, Sheena Marie


My lovely husband, and my lovely sister from another mister, Kim Bee!