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My First Born Unicorn's First School Experience. Ever.

The time has come. We have reached a milestone. My first born unicorn has started preschool. Let the waterworks being! 

Paisley has been home with me ever since she was a newborn unicorn. So, as you can imagine, this was a BIG change for the both of us. Granted it's only a half-day schedule, its still a BIG deal. My hubby took off work for it and everything, which was so sweet. He said he did it so that I'd have someone to comfort me when I'm sad, but between us homeboy was pretty emo-sheenal.

Maybe I'll post our classic IG story of it all later, but first I wanted to share the cute little photos I took of her the day before her big day.

So, you know how everyone always takes school themed photos with apples. Well we went for oranges.

Reasons why we opted for oranges

  1. Because we are unique. Hellurrrrr.
  2. Vitamin C is essential.
  3. It reminded me of Tragic Kingdom Gwen Stefani -- "Don't Speak" video, yes?
  4. Paisley prefers to eat oranges over apples (but she did want to tell everyone she likes the color of apples, too).
  5. Because I had oranges already on hand, and didn't have time to go and buy apples (lol).
  6. It's totally the color of summer, and looked so cute with P's outfit which I paired with checkered slip-on Vans, duh.
    (Dress is from Old Navy, now on sale for $11.00!). 

About the quote on the sign. It's by Dr. Seuss. I found a tee with that exact quote on it in the clearance section at Target. I thought it was a PERFECT first day of school choice. Being the dweeb I can be at times, I totally messed up a little on the quote on the sign. Can you tell where? Hopefully not. It's supposed to say, "The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." #momfail. I mean, it still means the same thing.... basically? 

Oh and if you must know. You bet your bottom dollar I cried. In fact, on day two, I sat in the car and cried alone like a baby because I felt so bad just leaving her. I know it's easier to just do a quick drop off, but my heart aches seeing her cry. I totally called the school to see how she's doing, and they said she's doing okay. They're doing colors and coloring pages. Being the little artist that she is, I know she'll love that. One day at a time, right?

Anyway, ENJOY! 


Oh and in case you missed her actual first day photos. Here it is, too! Can we just point out how cute her answer is on her first day of school board for the "When I grow up I want to be..." portion. An ARTIST and a PUPPY KEEPER. I die. 

Tee is from Target clearance, along with her sign -- which is from the Target dollar spot.

Sheena Campania