Sheena Marie



Tori and I met when I was about 17 / 18. We both started working at this retail store called Hollister Co. Yes, the one that's a little sister company to Abercrombie n Fitch. Yes, the one that has dudes standing in the store's front... topless. Well Hollister did that same thing sorta. Tori was one of those gorgeous human beings who stood in the front greet people, and no she never was topless. None of the girls were just to clear the air on that. And Brian... well at the time Brian was just a few years older than us, and was one of the our managers at that time... And yes, another good looking human being. 

Years passed... We all grew up, and moved on from those golden Hollister years -- which was probably a significant and memorable part for all of us who worked there during that time. After those years had passed, the Universe decided, "Hey... I'm going to put these two ridiculously good looking human beings together, have them fall in love, get married, and then they'll create another ridiculously little human being." 

I'm really am so glad they found each other again. They just make complete and total sense together. And I'm also so glad that Tori reached out to me to do her maternity photos. She was one of my first subjects for this art show I did back and the day. She was my Portuguese soul sister back then, and we always got each other's jokes. When we reunited to catch up prior to their session, it felt like no time had passed. <3