Sheena Marie



My name is Sheena Marie. I am the head unicorn of Sheena Marie Photography. I was born and raised in beautiful paradise -- Oahu, Hawaii. Let's not mention my age because after all age ain't nothing but a number, but if you must know I'm 27 (plus 5). I am a wife to an amazing human-being/ rockstar of a band called 82fifty -- Basically I'm 82Wifey. I'm a momma/bonus-momma to the two most beautiful unicorns, and expecting another in October 2019 — YAY. I'm a creative soul, PCHS' c/o 2004 class clown winner (still makes me laugh that I won that), wannabe stylist, interior designer in my own right, rock n roll flower child at heart, aspiring front-woman of a rock band (a girl can dream), natural light obsessor, lover of the pretty and raw, and a full-time dreamer. Oh and I can’t forget my love for food. I love food, and iced chai lattes (or matcha tea lattes depending on my mood).

In a nutshell, photography has been a part of my life since I was a little girl — We're talking a Hello Kitty 35mm film camera and my cousins or pups as muses. I could write every detail on how it all began along with my small accomplishments since then, but then it would be a novel length bio — So, let’s keep it short n sweet. My style is a blend of everything, just as I am. My heart beats for lifestyle photography. I shoot digital, but have a deep love and respect for film since that is what I learned with (we're talking developing and processing my own film and photos in a darkroom) -- I'm making my way back to you film, I promise. I’m constantly inspired, and I'm always dreaming. All of my life experiences have brought me to where I am today as a photographer and an artist. I feel that becoming a mother gave me a set of brand new eyes… Like literally, I wear glasses now (lol). Motherhood is an amazing  journey with ups and downs, but mostly ups. It is the reason I can fully understand the importance of holding on to those tiny precious milestones and moments with our loved ones. Well, thank goodness some genius named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented photography so we could freeze moments in time. And thank goodness my parents created me so I can be there to make your wishes of having the cutest magazine worthy imagery of your real life self and babies come true. Seriously, though. It's a dream to do that for all the adorable momma's out there.

If you're a modern momma like myself and you dig what I'm putting out there... If you like the raw, the pretty, the honest, yet creative, stylish, fun and naturally beautiful type of imagery... then I would absolutely love the opportunity to create magic with you.

I'm also open to doing collaborations with brands, bands, and other creative souls out there! 


My People. My world. My Inspiration. My heART.